Bitcoin is not a currency

TechCrunch reported earlier this week on a report issued by Goldman Sachs in which the bank concluded Bitcoin is not, in fact, a currency.Why Bitcoin is Stupid. Well, shit. Bitcoin is a universal currency and is not here to just replace your USD alone.With the rise of Bitcoin and other potential cryptocurrencies that represent mobile money without borders, it may seem like this is a completely new idea. While the...

Bitcoin is Not a Bubble: It's a Disruptive Technology

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In a currency crisis, everyone tries to get out of the local fiat money all at the same time.

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BitCoin Trader has proven itself as trusted and high winning system and this is why.

More bitcoin bashing, how utility costs affect retirement and a crypto miner takes a bath.Bitcoin is a real asset but what is not real is the value assigned to it.

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Are Not Currency

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George Soros speaks about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies at World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos.Now, for the first time, investors are able to purchase futures on bitcoin, the digital currency.

I, Cringely Prediction #4 — Bitcoin stays crazy until

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Cryptocurrency market cap rankings, charts,. (Currency) 24 Hour Volume Rankings (Exchange).

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In Notice 2014-21 (March 25, 2014), the IRS stated that Bitcoin is property and not currency for tax purposes.Bitcoin is a worldwide cryptocurrency and digital payment system called the first decentralized digital currency, since the system works without a central repository or single administrator.

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Bitcoin is not likely to become primarily used as a currency.

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