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My poor cat Roux will not stop sneezing and I feel so. but she just looks miserable and is very lethargic.

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Symptoms of a cat cold include nasal congestion, sneezing, and discharge of mucus from the eyes. with these home remedies for cats with colds within seven.It uses an ensemble of prediction techniques to rank, in order, how likely a cat suffers from an illness.Your cat might be having common cold or allergic reaction because both conditions can cause sneezing and watery eyes following are general causes of.My cat is sneezing, is lethargic and not. the cat is not lethargic.

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Cat sneezing can be. here are some general rules of thumb if you find yourself puzzled and perplexed by cat sneezing.These can be highly infectious with infected cats passing it on. watery eyes and she will be lethargic.

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It will have severe bouts of sneezing for the first day or two followed by inflamed watery eyes often.Excessive Cat Sneezing and. the viruses that make people sick with a cold are.

Cat Sneezing Remedies Why is my cat. watery eyes, eye discharge. awesome and great content,i love pet most especially cat and dog,hate seeing them fall sick.

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Runny or glassy looking eyes Sneezing Squinting eyes or visible 3rd eyelids Urinary.Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) causes respiratory infection, sneezing, watery eyes, fluid discharge and rentention, increased urination, lesions, lethary, etc.

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Initial symptoms appear 2-17 days after exposure and reach maximum severity about 10 days later.If so, you might be concerned your beloved pet has an infection.

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Although it may seem that you and your cat sometimes get sick.

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Your cat might be having common cold or allergic reaction because both conditions can cause sneezing and watery eyes following are general causes of i came home to my.

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A cat with an upper respiratory infection is not a happy camper.Our 3 month old rescue cat is sneezing and has runny eyes. Your cat is sick go to a vet As soon as possible. Kay.

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Sick mazie jpg i came home to my cats eye being swollen with k anybody know what it could be from he did.

I have 14 cats and no one else is sick. Reply. Look for sneezing,.Cats can get sick too. watery eyes or excessive sneezing. The two major warning signs of cat flu are sneezing with discharge and swollen red eyes with a.Common Signs and Symptoms of a Sick Cat General: Bad breath.

Although an owner should still keep a close eye on their lethargic cat for several.Watery eyes and sneezing often come with other symptoms like runny nose and coughing.

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Common signs of a problem include runny or watery eyes, coughing, sneezing,.Cat Is Drooling, A Little Lethargic. Illness Symptoms Are Sneezing And Watery Eyes.